My long poem Ubbits, written in support of Black Lives Matter, will be published in the e-book anthology Resist With Every Inch and Every Breath in September 2021. More details to follow.

My microfiction piece The Sad, Grievous Death of Edgar Allan Poe will be published in 42 Stories Anthology in 2021 or 2022.

Slow Dancing with a Prosthetic Leg, a 6,000 word transgressive fiction story, has been put on hold by the editor of the anthology In Filth It Shall Be Found (Outcast Press). As explained on their website: Medieval alchemy had a saying: in sterquiliniis invenitur which translates as: in filth it shall be found. Carl Jung expounded on this saying what we most desire in life may be found in places we least want to explore. A final decision on the story will be made after the submissions window closes on 6/30/21. [Sadly, SLDWAPL did not make the final cut for IFISBF].