Slow Dancing with a Prosthetic Leg

Seger is one of Matthew’s favorites and this song is one of his best. With eyebrows lifted, he looks the question at Sharon. She smiles sweetly, nods her assent, rises from the table, starts toward the dance floor. He quickly follows, keeps near, takes her in his arms while Bob is standin’ on the corner at midnight.

He reaches around her narrow waist and pulls her close. She encircles his neck with both arms, moves in even closer. With bodies pressed together, they sway to that smoky beat. A shiver courses through his body. Can she feel it? He bows his head to bring his nose to her neck, bury it in her long hair. Her perfume is a marvelous, sweetly floral musk rushing to his brain. It momentarily makes his knees weak. He has to lean on her a bit until it passes. He can feel the hard plastic of the prosthetic’s sleeve on his left thigh. It doesn’t bother him in the least and they continue swaying to the music. In his enthrallment, he forgets she has trouble moving to her right so when he turns her to his left for the first time, she responds awkwardly, staggers a bit. Their bodies break apart and they momentarily lose time with the song. Wordlessly, they come together and her head again nestles on his shoulder while his face seeks the silken softness of her hair. They sway in rhythm, and when they turn throughout the rest of the song, it is slow and careful and always counter-clockwise.