Monica in the Boundary Waters

A love sonnet I wrote for my beloved bride. (First published in Woods Reader, Spring 2020; Vol. 3, Issue 1).
A coworker, Angie Neubecker, was kind enough to do the calligraphy. I framed it and gave it to Monica for her 48th birthday.
Here is the explication:
1st quatrain – Monica is fearful of bears and the BW, of course, has many black bears. She was always unhappy when I went to the BW. Pine sap and pepper grass are some of the best smells in the BW. Monica’s smile shines like the full moon in a cloudless BW night.
2nd quatrain – The BW and Monica are uniquely, yet comparably, beautiful which carries us over to the
3rd quatrain – As I continue relating Monica’s beauty to the BW: her brown eyes to the clear brown waters; her flushed cheeks after our love-making to the pinkish hues found in some of the granite outcroppings.
Closing couplet – I missed her so much but was able to see her loveliness in so much of the BW’s beauty.

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